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Ambrose Anywhere

Ambrose Anywhere

At St. Ambrose Barlow we have been investing considerable resources over the past three years to create an environment that is fit for learning in the 21st century. Much of this investment has been in developing the fabric of building, particularly creating new classrooms and improving the dining facilities. The next, ambitious phase of these developments involves improving the school’s IT provision and infrastructure.

Since 2016 a number of staff have been working with Google Classroom and recently we have been trialling Chromebooks with considerable success. We are currently working to launch a scheme that allows all pupils to own or have access to a personal Chromebook from September 2018. The possibilities this scheme offers our pupils and staff are considerable; it has the potential to transform further our learning and teaching.

Our pupils adopt new technology quickly so it is right that their school experience reflects this. Chromebooks and Google’s G-Suite for Education will enable all pupils to have access any time to learning opportunities, feedback and information that supports their learning. The use of these devices also promises to transform learning by extending it beyond the classroom.

We recognise the need for our school to afford pupils rich opportunities for learning about, and through, the latest technology. We cannot expect young people who are engaged with social media and IT outside school to be kept apart from it within school. We also believe that they will develop more informed, responsible attitudes and safer practices if they use up-to-date IT in their learning. Helping pupils to become effective digital citizens and lifelong learners is central to our curriculum.

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