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Bishop John Arnold

Bishop John Arnold


Christmas to me is …

I am certainly glad that in the dark and cold days of winter, which can be gloomy and often depressing, that there is a focal point for some fun and celebration. Christmas provides us with a time of holiday and relaxation. I hope that, when it comes, your Christmas celebration with be happy and full of enjoyment. For many people Christmas is a time when families are able to spend time together. It can be a great opportunity for members of the family who may have moved away for studies or jobs to come home and be with family members and close friends. It is important that we plan and prepare well and that we are generous in giving cards and presents.

They are signs of our love and friendship. But in amongst all the noise and the celebration it is even more important that we remember the whole reason for celebrating at all. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I need to remember the reason for my celebration. It is remembering that Jesus’ birth is the most wonderful proof of God’s love for us – that he actually sent His Son to be with us and live among us. So my Christmas will be busy and I hope to visit lots of people but I also need to include quiet moments when I remind myself what I am celebrating and why. That's
Christmas to me. Lord Jesus, in a time of fun and celebration, may we not forget what Christmas is all about: Your love for us today, and every day.


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