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Clare Clarke, Parent

Clare Clarke, Parent


Christmas to me is…….a reminder of a childhood filled with happiness and joy...of open fires, woolly jumpers, hats and gloves, warm drinks and hot food, warmth against the harsh winter months....being tucked up in bed on Christmas eve full of anticipation,... of decorations and lights that sparkle and shine,.... watching Laurel and Hardy each morning on TV, having an abundance of food & treats……my sister always up first, shouting, “its Christmas”…..opening stocking’s with whoop’s of joy at the amounts of chocolates and little surprises.

As a family attending midnight mass…..it was magical coming home in the early hours to a warm home full of Christmas excitement and sharing family gifts before going to bed…..not for long…..we’d be downstairs on Christmas morning to check if Santa had been…….no matter how old we were!

My Christmas memories as a child are filled with time spent with family, happiness, sharing the joy of giving and receiving……….as an adult I recall these easily to prepare for Christmas and hopefully contribute in creating equally as happy times & memories for my family now.

To be nurtured, valued, shown respect & be free from worry should be every child’s right growing up. Christmas time is a poignant reminder that not all children are so fortunate and makes me appreciate that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy and experience a childhood full of love & support within my family........ and that's Christmas to me.

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