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As we reach the end of our 60th anniversary year we have taken the decision to update our school badge and introduce a Latin motto.

Below you can see the way the school badge has changed over the past 20 years and you can also see the Barlow family crest on which it is based. This is the coat of arms of the Barlow family, of which St. Ambrose Barlow was a member. The centrepiece of the coat of arms is two-headed eagle, sometimes referred to as the Romanov (or Romanoff) eagle, which is associated with the Holy Roman Empire and is a common symbol in heraldry.

For the new badge we have updated the design of the eagle - this preserves our connection to the past and to the Barlow family. We have also introduced a Latin motto. The school has not had a Latin motto and there is no recorded motto of the family of St. Ambrose Barlow, nor is there any record of a saying by our Patron Saint that would be appropriate for the motto. We have opted to render the motto in Latin as a way of connecting with the past of the Church. The proposed motto is based on a phrase from a speech by Pope Francis, giving it a contemporary twist. Translated it means: "One grows by learning to live." We feel that this motto captures our commitment to education and formal learning as well as our aim to develop fully each young person as a rounded person of faith.

We intend to launch our new badge and motto on blazers for the 2016 intake from Year 7 and for anyone replacing a blazer this year.

Comments on the badge and motto can be made online here.


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