Dear Parent or Carer,

School Closure - Wednesday 30th January

As you are aware we had to take the unfortunate and undesirable decision to close the school today in response to adverse weather conditions. At the start of the school day close to half of our teaching staff were either severely delayed or unable to get into work. This meant that we could not staff sufficient classes and provide a level of supervision that ensured safety and learning.

The pupils were dismissed in a calm and orderly manner and any pupil who was unable to contact home or could not get home was supervised on campus. Staff checked that pupils had been able to contact family members and that it was safe for them to leave before they were dismissed. My thanks to many of you who came and collected children and my apologies for the unavoidable inconvenience caused to you.

I fully expect the school to be open tomorrow at the usual time. Updates will be provided later today and early tomorrow morning through text, Twitter, Facebook, our website and the Salford City Council website.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Davis

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