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Liz Verghese

Liz Verghese


What is Christmas for you?
After all the rushing around shopping and preparing the house, Christmas for me starts with the children’s mass at St. Charles. It really feels like Christmas when the primary children dressed in nativity costumes, and the occasional superhero, are gathered around the altar.

Whether I have the right presents under the tree or the cake is as good as last year doesn’t seem important any more. I have my family around me and I feel part of a community that believes the same as me. Seeing good friends, some familiar faces and relative strangers all celebrating Mass together is a very special time.

Over the years we have developed family traditions which make Christmas more than just presents and good food, which has helped us grow as a family. Even arguing over when the Christmas tree should go up makes me smile, as we do this every year. Once the tree is in place unwrapping of the decorations we have collected over the years always sparks memories and discussions of previous Christmases. And it is
these small moments, often with cheesy Christmas music in the background that I cherish.

To me, Christmas is more than a day, it is a time to make a bit more effort to spent time with family and friends. It is a time to reflect and think about others and contemplate why we celebrate Christmas at all. It is impossible not to get caught up in the commercial whirlwind and I can’t deny that I enjoy giving and receiving presents. I love good food but it’s who I share it with that makes Christmas such a special time
and “that's Christmas to me”.

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