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Matthew Hand

Matthew Hand


Christmas to me is the time of year for giving, for creating memories, the time of family gatherings with old women you have never seen in your life, claiming that you have grown since ‘last time’. The time for silly arguments about which bauble goes where and ‘who ate my advent chocolate’. We love it all, the built up to Christmas Eve in our cosy pyjamas, the excitement of snow falling on the first day even the goose bumps which appear when Santa comes down your street on his slay for all the kids to see. It’s magical. Truly magical. But I’m not here to romanticise Christmas. No. I’m here instead to tell you about my Christmas. A Christmas the exact same as anybody else’s. Only with a bit more spirit.

You see, it’s not the amount of money a person can spend that interests me; it’s the amount of time. The precious hours we unconsciously throw away, those few moments in which at Christmas time we cherish and just for those few frosty weeks society becomes a family of God again. A neighbourhood of friendly faces not distant arrogance, a community of care not rejection and a church of brothers and sisters not complete strangers. My Christmas is a time I take to notice God in every one of us, to notice how everyone has this same smitten smile, the warm comfort of utter kindness, and that kindness, that is our piece of God within us.

My advice is, if you don’t notice this like I do then open your eyes. Stop spending money and spend your time instead. Invest in this Christmas, it’s a chance for you to show the holiness inside, this celebration is a gift from God, so appreciate it. Well all that and I get loads of free stuff... so yeah... that’s good... So yes; that’s Christmas to me.

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