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Mgr. Paul Smith

Mgr. Paul Smith


Christmas to me is….prompted by my first memory of Christmas - sitting in front of a big blazing coal fire in our very modest two-up-twodown terraced house. A big Christmas tree was in the corner of the room with some modest gifts underneath it (and no television in those days!).

But it was the fire that lives in my memory – don’t forget in “those days” there was no central heating. The warmth and lovely way it lit the room along with the Christmas tree lights gave a great sense of being safe from the severe winter outside.

It made me feel very loved – my sister and two brothers had not yet come into the world so I was still the full focus of my parents’ love and I certainly was aware of that.

That is a very blessed experience and I know that so many children and families are not so blessed. Being without a home, knowing divided families, chronic sickness, being in prison are just some of so many peoples lives in our times.

Thank God Christmas brings out so much goodness and generosity in so many individuals and communities. I would hope that those in need feel something of the warm glow of God’s love given through others. Jesus continues to take on flesh through you and I. Even the smallest outreach to someone in need can be felt like the warm glow of a fire and a source of hope to someone this Christmas.

That’s Christmas to me.

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