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Miss Cradden

Miss Cradden


Christmas to me is taking any opportunity to eat and drink with friends just because, “it’s Christmas!” Putting cinnamon on top of everything to make it festive and not being allowed to eat any food at home because apparently it is all for Christmas day. Sharing food with all your favourite people and getting a bit merry is my favourite kind of Christmas activity. Everybody makes even more of an effort to make plans and gets into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days as me and my older brother get to relive our childhood through our younger brother. Only food containing sugar is consumed and new pyjamas are put on before we’ve even had tea. We watch the Grinch and do a treasure hunt to stop him painstakingly counting down the minutes until Christmas day.

In the morning we always have to check if he’s been, just in case we haven’t made it on to the nice list this year. After we have exchanged gifts I always need to have a nap as the excitement is already too much. As I’ve grown older it is a privilege to be able to treat my family and buy them something really special and wrap it up with as many bows and ribbons I can get my hands on.

I wake up just in time to set the table, a job I take very seriously before my Granddad arrives for Christmas lunch. Taking a moment to notice the empty place where my nana should be sitting, we put on Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album and dig in.

Next stop on our very busy Christmas day is my other grandparents’ house where the main battle is to find somewhere to sit due to our extremely large family. Chairs are reserved for elders only and once you find a place on the floor there’s no way you can leave it for the rest of the night. This year myself and my cousins have chosen a charity each for our families to donate to rather than buying gifts, a new tradition which I am very happy about. We are a very noisy bunch and the whole street can probably hear us laughing and playing silly games. The adults test out the little kids toys and enjoy playing with them a bit too much. Every minute of the day is spent surrounded by people but growing up in such a large family with lots of cousins to run riot with I wouldn’t have it any way…. And that’s Christmas to me.
Miss Cradden
Teacher of Art and Fashion

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