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Miss Moore

Miss Moore


Christmas to me …

Growing up Christmas was about magic. I remember sleepless Christmas Eve nights, barely able to contain my excitement, me and my sister hatching a plan to catch Santa in the act of eating his mice pies and drinking sherry. The ritual of Christmas Eve as a child, new pyjamas, grandparents sleeping over, a Chinese takeaway (tradition in our house!) and a surprise early present from Santa. Every year without fail a mysterious gift would appear; under our pillows, dropped at the front door, delivered with the Chinese – I still to this day don’t know who did it and how, and I don’t want to know….it was magic.

As we grew older Christmas became less about Santa and more about the magic of family. Our family growing in size each year as partners came to celebrate with us, bringing parents and grandparents along too. Last Christmas we were an 18 strong group, all squashed around one table eating together. It was complete chaos! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And this year is set to be the most chaotic of all. It literally will be a squash around the table with my heavily pregnant sister due to give birth on New Year’s Eve, making our family bigger once again. It will be my first niece or nephew, the first baby in our family for 27 years, and I could not be more excited! Time for family and magic and those childhood rituals again …. That’s Christmas to me.

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