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Mr Cameron

Mr Cameron


Christmas to me is all about Christ – it’s in the name. What God has done in sending his son Jesus to live on this earth has changed everything, for now the one who made us has become one of us. This means he now knows us in a new way – from the inside. So, your deepest fears – he understands; your strongest challenge – he’s already met it; your greatest joys – he shares. But there’s something else as well – your darkest secrets he also knows, from the inside. This could cause us to run from him, until we realise that this is why he came – to give his life and die for our worst secrets, the sin that separates us from God, so that we can know God for ourselves; his love and forgiveness.

Sometimes Christmas ends all too quickly, getting packed away with everything else on boxing day – but what Jesus has done can never be shut away in a box, for he broke through the barrier of death, rising from the dead on the third day to open for us a life without limits. For the worst darkness can never put out the Light of the World, and that's Christmas to me.

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