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Mr Riley

Mr Riley


Christmas to me is …

Nowadays, Christmas is so much different to when I was a child. Special people are missing from around the table and the mad rush to open your presents just isn’t the same, however, Christmas Day still remains really special in the Riley household.

The Christmas Day wake up is usually around 10/11am, rather than 6am when I was a kid - and breakfast is my main priority (in the past it was straight to opening my presents!). My Mum STILL gets me and my brother a Christmas stocking which is usually full of everyday items such as deodorant, hair wax, hairspray etc. and the amount of presents has sadly fallen dramatically compared to when I was little. However, now I usually get one big present which I really want whereas before I used to get loads of little presents which I would play with for around 5 minutes.

Now that I am an adult, Christmas is now about buying presents as well. I think I am buying my dad a new iPad and I can’t tell you what I’m buying my mum because I can bet she will read this blog! (Nothing better to do at work). Christmas dinner is usually at around 6pm and it is usually beef or lamb as I find turkey bland and boring! This year there will be my mum, dad, brother, gran and granddad as well as myself sat around the table and my dog Zip usually gets a seat after a few too many beers! After the food we usually listen to music and play some kind of family game and the night usually ends listening to my mum and dad’s embarrassing story’s from when me and my brother were little kids.

The next day, Boxing Day, is the real day of Christmas (for the lads)! A full day of football and this year I will be at Man Utd away watching an easy 3 points for the Clarets followed by a night out with the boys.

That’s Christmas to me!

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