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Christmas to me is …
I love Christmas. Christmas trees, the roast dinner, pulling crackers, staying in your pyjamas until late afternoon…oh, and don’t even get me started on the presents; that’s the best bit! Inside we all know that the presents are the best bit, well, that’s what I think.

I really like putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations with my brother and sister, it gets me even more into the festive mood, though I am told off for singing Christmas songs in the middle of July so it good when I’m finally allowed to sing them!

On Christmas’ eve we go to Mass which is special because it’s normally by  candelight. The Church is always full of all the Mums and Dads, little children and Grandparents, excited for the day ahead. Being with my family is another reason why I love Christmas SOOO much even though I’m forced to listen to my Dad’s (mostly) unfunny jokes! What is great about my family Christmas, is that we get to have two Christmases; one with my Dad’s parents and brothers because they live so far away and one with my Mum’s side, but all in all both are as good as the other.

Though I like opening my own presents I also enjoy watching my younger siblings open theirs’. Seeing their surprised and excited faces and their eyes filled with glee and sometimes confusion trying to work out what the present actually is. 

Obviously eating Christmas dinners are a great part of the day. At my Dad’s parents we listen to Christmas music whist eating dinner, at my mum’s family dinner, (which my Grandmother cooks every year because my Mum is rubbish at cooking roast dinners!) we tell jokes, talk about our presents, all whilst tucking into our amazing feast that was prepared for this special day.

After dinner when we have eaten much more than we would ever need, we go and play board games together and try on the clothes that we have been given. Often we’ll go to the park together and end the day with a film, which my mum never gets to watch because she always falls asleep!

I love Christmas time, it’s a time when we all get together and take a break from our busy lives, from work and school, to be together as a family. Really, I guess that’s Christmas to me.

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