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We hope that all our pupils and their families have a safe and happy summer and are able to make the most of time together in July and August.

The summer holidays can, however, be a difficult time for some families and can also be a period during which the good weather, long days and free time can lead young people to take risks that they would not otherwise entertain at other times of the year.

You might find the following contact numbers and advice useful for this summer.


Please remember to wear sunscreen and cover up when in the sun. Always make sure that you drink plenty of water and avoid excessive exercise. If in doubt, spend some time in the shade to avoid sunburn. Most weather forecasts contain information about the predicted strength of the sun, the pollen count and the temperature. Use this information to plan your day whether at home or abroad.


The summer holidays often present all sorts of exciting opportunities for enjoying water sports, but these bring risks that can easily be managed.At beaches and pools follow the advice and instructions of life-guarding staff, especially at beaches where there may be strong tides and currents. Remember that the water is not a protection from strong sun and you still need to wear a waterproof sunscreen and reapply it regularly. Stay away from unsupervised areas of open water such as disused quarries, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Diving into these can be dangerous – you may not know what is beneath the surface of the water. Even when the air temperature is warm and the sun is strong, water which looks inviting can be very cold. It is not advisable to dive into bodies of water to ‘cool off’.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Look after yourself in body and mind this summer. Make the most of opportunities to do exercise, eat healthily, stay in touch with friends and family, take part in community activities and team sports and talk about your feelings with others. Be sensible online – don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to someone face-to-face and don’t get involved in negative discussions and behaviour online. If you are unsure about the identity of someone online, do not share any information with them. On most social networking sites you can ‘block’ people easily.

Respect for yourself and others

Above all this summer, we ask that pupils keep themselves safe by showing respect for themselves and others. This means that they think carefully about what they choose to get involved in and that they put the needs and feelings of others first when making decisions.

Useful links: est_safeguarding_practice/Pages/ px Summerhealthhome.aspx summer/relax/sun-safety b4a7a24df280257db0003e60c7/6581815376ef3263802 57a28004b7728!OpenDocument

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