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Staff, Teaching & Learning

  • Dr H NortonDr H Norton
    Subject Leader
  • Mrs D HallidayMrs D Halliday
  • Miss K MooreMiss K Moore
  • Mr S MurrayMr S Murray
  • Mrs A RobbMrs A Robb
  • Miss C StewartMiss C Stewart
  • Miss C AshworthMiss C Ashworth
    Science Technician
  • Mrs L HoltMrs L Holt
    Science Technician

Key Stage 3

Students in year 7 and 8 follow the new Key Stage 3 Curriculum. Science topics are grouped in themes that cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Themes include I'm a Celebrity, Bear Grylls, X-Factor and Journey to Another Planet. Lessons are hands on involving many practical activities. Year 7 students can also attend an after school Science Club providing further hands on practical Science opportunities. Throughout Key Stage 3 we aim to develop scientific skills as well as Science knowledge.

In year 9, students continue to follow the National Curriculum. Science is taught in topics for example Metal Reactivity, Pivots and Moments, Plants and Photosynthesis. A small number of students study a course called Aim4Five. This course provides additional support and practice so students can achieve. In the final term of year 9 students begin Key Stage 4 Science and the GCSE syllabus.

Key Stage 4

There are a range of courses offered at Key Stage 4 designed to suit the needs and learning styles of individual students. A number of students who achieve level 6+ in year 9 are selected to study Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) GCSE. The majority of students follow the AQA Science A GCSE course in year 10 and the AQA Additional Science Course in year 11. A Small number of students follow the BTEC Application of Science Course. In this course students produce a portfolio of work and sit one exam about Science skills. This year the department is also offering Entry Level Certificate in Science for students who need to build their Science skills and knowledge before attempting GCSE. Support at Key Stage 4 is paramount and students are encouraged to attend extra revision sessions. Revision guides are available from school.


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