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The Ambrose Baccalaureate is Launched

The Ambrose Baccalaureate is Launched


St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form launched its National Baccalaureate scheme ‘The Ambrose Baccalaureate’ at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester this week.

All year 12 students went along to find out more about what is involved in the programme, which they will all work towards completing.

The main purpose of the National Baccalaureate is to provide a universal framework that gives recognition to the full range of student achievements and learning experiences including academic qualifications and personal development. Completion of the National Baccalaureate signifies that a student has received a rounded education and has achieved success in a range of skill areas, not limited to those tested in formal examinations.

Comprising a range of organisations and individuals involved in 14-19 education and training, the NBT (National Baccalaureate Trust) seeks to create a broad alliance that brings together educational practitioners, employers, universities, policy makers and parents to establish a baccalaureate type curriculum in schools and colleges and to persuade the government to take the important step to create an education, curriculum and qualifications system fit for modern times.

The Ambrose Baccalaureate, with its emphasis on breadth, specialisation, balance and informed by human and societal values will encourage young people to develop an inquiring, critical and reactive approach to thinking; to act in an honest, open minded, caring and moral way; to develop the habits of perseverance and risk-taking and be prepared not only to pursue their interests and passions, but also to tackle forms of learning that they find challenging.

There are three key components:

CORE LEARNING - This is made up of the formal qualifications (A Levels and/or BTEC) that each student is taking.

A PERSONAL PROJECT - An accredited project that gives students the opportunity to pursue an in depth study in an area of interest leading to a significant final product, demonstrating a range of skills, knowledge and personal attributes. This also incorporates the Extended Project Qualification.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME - A programme of activities and experiences that allow students to develop a range of skills and personal qualities. Typically this might include arts and creativity, sport, wellbeing, community service, work experience, cultural work or leadership and will involve100-150 hours of activity over two years.

On completion of all these components students will receive a certificate to mark their achievement.


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