What Makes Us Different?

Doing things differently

Being different isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

When our students apply to university or attend job interviews we know that they need to have the edge. It isn't enough just to have A-levels or BTECs. With us students do things differently so that they can make a difference when they leave.

What does this look like?

Every student is welcome. We are a Catholic 6th form and you are welcome regardless of your faith. Our Catholic ethos means that we respect each student's unique contribution and celebrate the gifts and talents of everyone. It is what makes us a friendly, inspiring place to study.

Every student is known. We nurture every student personally by getting to know them and providing a personalised, bespoke curriculum that best suits their needs. Our size is a great asset and ensures the highest standard of care and support.

Every student will achieve. As an outstanding school we have the curriculum for you from A-levels to BTECs and our outstanding teachers provide all the support and challenge you need to thrive.

Every student has time to develop skills, character, resilience and confidence. We do this through work experience, trips, outdoor activities, community service, sporting activiites and leadership work.

Every student is creative. Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum ensuring that students get the chance to apply their skills and knowledge in new ways through project work. This develops their skills as independent learners.

Every student is also a partner in our business: regardless of their chosen courses all of our student work in teams to undertake an interdisciplinary project that develops their research, enterprise and study skills. The project is negotiated by students at the start of Year 12 and is supported by a wide range of partners from businesses across the northwest. Some students will go on to turn the project into a recognsied qualification (the Extended Project Qualification).

Every student is connected. We welcome a range of speakers to inspire and challenge our students throughout the year. Our work with many well known businesses is unrivalled and will ensure that students get the contacts and support they need to thrive once they leave us.

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