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Impact on teachers when engaging with a cultural organisation

Starting Point


The reasons why I chose to work on this project were as follows:

  • I am passionate about creative and cultural learning. My background before becoming a teacher was working as part of the education teams in various museums and art galleries in the North West. Since becoming a teacher fifteen years ago I have built on these experiences and have always included cultural visits in my own curriculum. I believe partnerships with cultural organisations massively impact on pupils in that they motivate them and engage them in learning.
  • I feel the current government are trying to squeeze culture and creativity out of the school curriculum. I am working with my own school and the other schools within the Gatley Teaching School Alliance to ensure that these areas remain embedded as essential and valuable parts of the school curriculum.
  • I value the impact that cultural learning has on pupils. I wanted to ensure that I shared this with other schools and to give them the opportunities to share in the experience.
  • I enjoy action research in that it allows staff to look more deeply into their own practice.
  • I wanted to encourage schools to use the wide range of cultural venues that we have on our doorstep and to change the mind-set of teachers, parents and pupils, encouraging them to understand that museums and galleries are accessible to all.

I invited all the schools from my teaching school alliance to be involved in the project. Six
schools opted to do so:

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School
St James’s High School
St Andrew’s Primary School
Christ the King Primary School
St Mark’s Primary School
St Mary’s RC Primary School

The objectives of the project were

  1. To engage with a cultural organisation to raise pupil achievement, aspiration and understanding of culture;
  2. To develop new skills for both teachers and pupils;
  3. To engage teachers in cultural and creative learning;
  4. To develop sustainable relationships between the cultural organisations and the schools;
  5. To build cultural learning into the curriculum;
  6. To build the confidence of teachers when engaging with a cultural organisation.

To read more, please download the full details of the project below.

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