St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

school meals

..... are produced on site by SPIE Catering

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School operates a cafeteria system with a wide choice of lunches: 

  • You can have a freshly made two-course lunch every day
  • Choose from a meal deal option consisting of a main meal, drink and either fresh fruit, cake, or biscuit
  • The weekly menu will consist of different types of food such as European, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Spanish dishes as well as themed day menus

Lunch Menu

Prices and Paying 

The average cost of a two-course meal is £2.20, which is the current value of a free school meal.

In addition to the standard menus SPIE Catering offer additional choices such as deli style salad bar, baguettes, sandwiches, wraps, pasta bar and jacket potatoes.

The school has a cashless system which gives parents the ability to make secure, online payments for school meals. The service allows parents to see what purchases their child has made throughout the day.   

Pupils can top up their account with cash using the machines located in the school cafeteria or parents can make online payments via the website  Please see the Online Payments page for further details and how to request an activation code or payment card. 

Food Sourcing 

  • All meat and poultry meet the UK welfare standards. All meat and poultry are required to have full traceability. This means we know the farms where meat and poultry has been bred and reared.
  • All the eggs we use are free range to comply with the “Good Egg Award” which all the SPIE Catering departments have been awarded

Our Food Suppliers 

To reduce carbon footprint SPIE uses two designated food suppliiers


  • Fresh meat and poultry, cooked meats,
  • Grocery, dairy, and frozen suppliers
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, and prepared vegetables
  • Disposable products


  • Frozen suppliers


For information about food allergies and intolerances, please ask a member of catering staff.

We store, produce and display where allergens are handled and while we try to keep things separate, we cannot guarantee that any item is allergen free.

 Dietary Requirements 

If your child has a food allergen or special dietary requirement, please inform the school and catering manager.

Calendar Menu & Theme Day Events   

Week Commencing

Theme Day Event

(subject to availability)

Menu Week 
 30th January 2023    A
 6th February 2023  
 13th February 2023 Tuesday 14th February - Valentines Day  
 27th February 2023  
6th March 2023   
13th March 2023  Friday 17th March - St Patricks Day  
20th March 2023 A
27th March 2023 B
3rd April 2023 A
24th April  Monday 24th April - St Georges Day B
1st May 2023 Cinco do Mayo A
8th May 2023 B
15th May 2023 A
22nd May 2023 B
5th June 2023 Tennis and Picnic Day  A
12th June 2023 B
19th June 2023 A
26th June 2023 B
1st July 2023 A
10th July 2023 B
17th July 2023 A


For pupils who leave St Ambrose, the catering company can only refund any credit if the amount exceeds £5.00.  Please complete the form below and return to  However, funds can be transferred to the accounts of other students in the school (e.g. a younger sibling/family member).

Refund Request Form