St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School


Intent Statement

The study of a foreign language helps students develop an openness to and appreciation of other cultures. In a globalised world, linguistic skills are crucial for employment and a proficiency in a foreign language enhances career opportunities.

Our vision is that pupils enjoy languages, are confident speakers, lifelong linguists, using target language for real purpose. They develop resilience to achieve to their potential whilst appreciating the richness of other cultures.

MFL Department Staff 

Ms M Ruiz - Subject Leader

Miss A Howarth

Mr T Nuttall 

Key Stage 3

The learning of French in KS3 provides students with the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language and introduces an international dimension to their learning, exposing them to the diversity of the multicultural and multilingual world. During these years, they will develop communication and literacy skills while building their competencies in the French language. They will also lay the foundations for future language learning in KS4. 


In Year 7 the themes that are covered are:

  • an introduction to the French language and its phonics
  • personal information about yourself and others
  • expressing opinions
  • school life in the UK and in French-speaking countries
  • sports and free time activities
  • your hometown
  • grammar concepts such as conjugations, tenses, adverbs, infinitives, and quantifiers in French



In Year 8 the themes that are covered are:

  • holidays and travelling
  • festivals and celebrations
  • French-speaking festivals around the world
  • leisure activities
  • further knowledge about sports
  • daily routine
  • injuries and illnesses
  • giving advice
  • grammar concepts such as the past tense, the near future tense, or reflexive verbs.


In Year 9 the themes that are covered are:

  • likes and dislikes
  • jobs and future aspirations
  • musical preferences
  • future plans
  • food and eating habits
  • animals in the world and helping the environment
  • countries you would like to visit and impressive places
  • grammar concepts such as the conditional tense

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Maps


Key Stage 3 Knowledge Organisers

Key stage 4

At Key Stage 4, the students have the opportunity to take French as a GCSE. Their learning during these two years links to their Key Stage 3 study whilst delivering new themes and exam techniques that are required to excel at a GCSE language specification. These years will also provide them with the tools to continue their language learning in the future, whether they decide to study languages in KS5 or opt for studying another language later in life.  In KS4 the themes covered are:  
  • Identity and culture
  • Local area, holiday and travel
  • School
  • Future aspirations, study and work
  • International and global dimension
 All themes and topics are studied in the context of both the UK and that of countries and communities where French is spoken.

MFL - Recovery Curriculum

Under normal circumstances The GCSE French curriculum would be completed as detailed in the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Maps. Due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic a modified curriculum is being delivered which specifies what students learn in school and remotely. The department examined the Scheme of work and decided which elements of the course were essential and would still give the students the required knowledge and skills to successfully complete the course. The recovery curriculum maps are available below.

Recovery Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Maps


Key stage 4 Knowledge Organisers


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