St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

Google Classroom

 If your child is working at home with access to the internet they should log on to Google Classroom and find the lessons for the classes they would be doing today if the school was open.

They should follow their own timetable and submit work to their teacher through Google Classroom. They will respond as soon as they can with feedback.

Staff will be monitoring children’s engagement with Google Classroom throughout the day - pupils who have access are expected to work online.

We strongly encourage that any work that they upload is also saved as a Word doc or equivalent on their home device in case of technical errors.

To access Google Classsroom you must first log on to RM Unify your child should use the following steps:  Open the Chrome browser and go to

Log in using their username which is usually - (they should know their username and password and any member of staff can reset if necessary)

Once they log into to RM Unify they can access Gmail, Drive and Classroom.

Click on the Google Classroom icon to access the classroom 

 To familiarise yourself with Google Classroom and help logging on please watch the video tutorials 

Logging on to Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom