Lewis Court High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School
and Sixth Form College


The majority of PSE is taught by Form Tutors in one allocated lesson per week. Within this time, pupils also have Citizenship and Careers lessons. Throughout their time in school, pupils will also participate in various projects linked to these areas, which should enhance their knowledge and understanding of key issues and topics. For example, Yr 11 pupils participate in mock interviews with visitors from the world of work and practise real-life interview techniques.

Year 7

'WELCOME TO YOUR NEW SCHOOL': Review of school rules, getting to know the staff, teaching and non-teaching, getting to know your class, interviews, friendship building, helping others.

BULLYING: Bullying behaviour, reasons for bullying and how to cope with bullies.

CITIZENSHIP ISSUES: School Council/Rules - Government and Voting, Rules and Responsibilities.

PERSONAL QUALITIES AND SKILLS: Listening Skills, personal relationships with new pupils and staff. Decision-making processes, Reading, writing and oral work. Confidence building. Problem solving.

 Year 8

IMPORTANCE OF FRIENDSHIP: Qualities of a friend and the importance of developing friendships. Understanding problems in relationships and how to solve them. 'Tips' for friendship.

GROWING UP - PUBERTY AND ADOLESCENCE: Physical, social and emotional changes associated with growing up. Coping with change

VANDALISM GRAFFITI: Impact and effects of these on society: dangers, costs, consequences, social responsibility.

CAREERS EDUCATION: Development of personal skills

CITIZENSHIP: Continuing involvement in Citizenship Education which includes the Holocaust, Crime and Laws and United Nations.

PERSONAL QUALITIES AND SKILLS: Listening skills, communication with various groups, developing personal relationships, respect for others, coping and decision-making skills, problem solving, reading, writing, oral and drama skills.

 Year 9

The Personal and Social Education course in year 9 concentrates on the importance of social skills and interaction with others with particular reference to the World of Work and Careers, as this is the time when pupils will make their Option Choices. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the nature of decision-making, alcohol education and relationships with adults and peers.

PERSONAL QUALITIES AND SKILLS: Listening skills, personal relationships with new pupils and staff, decision-making processes, reading, writing and oral work, confidence building, problem solving. Pupils also participate in activities from the Citizenship Programme of Study, such as Law and Order, Holocaust Education and the EU. At the end of Key Stage 3 pupils will receive a separate Citizenship Assessment.

 Careers Education

Pupils have followed a 12 week careers education module in which they have developed their personal skills of research, finding out about their own skills and talents and how this can relate to finding a career. They have learnt the importance of equal opportunities, interview techniques and what help is available to them in the future. They have had the opportunity to learn from those who have a varied work experience in real life

 Year 10

The Personal and Social Education course in Year 10 includes an examination and exploration of knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviour concerned with Prejudice and Discrimination, Personal Skills, Bullying, Drugs Education and a continuing involvements in Careers Education. The development of personal qualities, values and skills through problem-solving and decision-making exercises and communication with various groups are all important elements of the course. Pupils also participates in activities from the Citizenship Programme of Study

 Year 11

The Personal and Social Education course in Year 11 includes an examination and exploration of knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviour concerned with Prejudice and Discrimination, Drugs Education, AIDS, Stress Management and Homelessness. There is also a continuing involvement in Careers Education which enables pupils to develop their career management skills in preparation for post-16 life. 



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