St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

Mobile Phones & digital devices

Our approach to dealing with Mobile Phones and Digital Devices in school

 We fully understand that children rely heavily on their mobile phones and that parents and carers find it reassuring to know that their child has a phone for safety and ease of contact. In PSHE and ICT, pupils are taught about the safe use of phones and social media. Phones are not a substitute for personal, face-to-face interaction.

  •  Switched off and stored safely

During the school day, including break and lunchtime, pupils’ phones must be switched off and kept in their bag, not in their blazer pocket. It is too tempting to look at your phone if it is kept in their blazer pocket. 

  1. Pupils who use their phones in school

Pupils who have their phones out during the day will be asked to hand the device to the member of staff on duty. This phone will then be handed to Mr. Morrison, and kept in a locked cupboard, in a locked office, until the end of the day. We expect pupils to cooperate with this reasonable expectation at the first time of asking. 

  1. Next steps

If pupils co-operate, phones will be given back at 3pm. Failure to hand over the mobile phone will result in a 1 hour detention on a Friday night in Sportshall. Social distancing, hand sanitising, year group zones and covid regulations will be adhered to during this detention. Failure to attend the Friday detention will result in a further, more serious sanction.  

  1. Contacting home during the day

If pupils need to contact their parents or carer during the school day, they must do so via the school office or student services- They must NOT make contact themselves by phone. Doing so means that adults who care about them do not know there is a problem and this may put the child at risk. 

  1. Other devices

Headphones/Airpods etc should not be used in school. These items will also be confiscated by a member of staff if seen at social time and handed to Mr. Morrison in PE. 

  1. Safeguarding

Where pupils fail to comply with reasonable requests, the matter can be passed to the Designated Safeguard Team who will decide whether or not external agencies need to assist, especially if we have concerns about what the children were using the phone for. Contact with people outside of schools is not permitted and the phone may be passed on to outside agencies who will then deal with the matter and make decisions on whether the phone is returned or not. 

There may also be occasions where parents are required to collect the phone from school. eg: safeguarding issues, consistent/persistent offenders. 

Thank you for your continued support with the safety of your children at St. Ambrose Barlow. Please speak to your child about turning their phone off in school, not using them at break/lunchtime and working together to create a safe learning environment at all times