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Last update 3rd April 2020

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Our Expectations

Ready, Safe, Respectful


Excessive haircuts/hair styles or colouring of hair are NOT allowed, e.g. partially shaved, shaved lines or tram lines etc. Please note: boys' hair cuts should not be any less than a No. 3 cut. Girls' hair bands/bobbles should be either white or black. Long hair must be tied back in certain lessons for hygiene/safety reasons.


No jewellery is allowed other than plain, small stud earrings in earlobes for girls, for safety reasons. No other piercings are allowed.

Electronic and other banned equipment

We DO NOT allow mobile phones, electronic devices, headphones, boots, trainers (other than for PE) and chewing gum. If pupils are found using a mobile phone during the school day, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. Persistent breaches of this policy may result in the device being confiscated for longer periods or a more serious sanction being imposed.


For safety reasons, full-size footballs are not allowed on the playgrounds at lunch and break.Pupils may play on the MUGA and 3G pitches at lunch time.


For safety reasons, aerosol sprays are not allowed - if deodorant is needed after P.E. classes, please use a roll-on type.

Illness and accidents

If you feel unwell or have an accident you must tell your teacher. If this happens during break or lunchtime, you need to see your Form Tutor, Welfare person, First Aider or report to Student Services.


Occasionally, you may need to take medicine at school. If so, you must have a letter from your parents explaining when you need to take it. The medicine must be left at Student Services for safe keeping. You must not carry medicine or tablets around school. When office staff dispense your medicine you will be asked to sign a medicine register to confirm that you have received your dosage.

However, if you have asthma, you should ALWAYS carry your inhaler. If you have a severe allergy and require an epi-pen, you should ALWAYS leave a spare epi-pen with the office staff and carry one with you at all times.

Signing out of / into school (when attending medical appointments)

You must try to make appointments outside school time. However, if you need to leave school for a medical appointment or other important reason. You must bring a note from your parents to your Form Tutor. You must sign out at Student Services and get an exit pass. All pupils must be collected by a responsible adult when you leave school and keep the authorisation card issued with you during your time out of school. You must sign back in at reception when you return.


Bullying may be verbal or physical and will not be tolerated by the school in any form whatsoever. If you are a victim of bullying, or if you observe incidents involving others, do not hesitate to inform any member of staff. You should not put up with bullies in your group of friends - see Anti Bullying Policy and Restorative Justice.

Punctuality and attendance

Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and along with attendance is one of the first pieces of information any outside agency will look at. The school's attendance target is 95% and, as a minimum, this is the expectation we have of our pupils.

The school day starts at 8.40 a.m. and you should be on the yard by 8.35 a.m. You will be marked late if you arrive after the Form Tutor has completed the register. If you arrive after 8.40 a.m. you must sign in at main reception for your mark otherwise you will be recorded absent without authorisation. Registers are taken AM and PM, therefore if you arrive late to lesson 4 you will be marked late. 

Holidays during term time

The school will not authorise any holidays during term time. The Education Welfare Service will be advised of pupils taking holidays during term time and parents may be subject to a fine.

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