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Last update 3rd April 2020

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  • Mr B Cassidy Mr B Cassidy
    Head of Humanities
  • Mr A NooneMr A Noone
    Subject Leader
  • Mr J StephensonMr J Stephenson
  • Ms S ChesterMs S Chester

Intent Statement

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". George Santayana

History at St Ambrose Barlow is an academic subject rich in powerful knowledge of global, national and local events which have shaped the social and cultural world around us. The pursuit of History broadens our student’s understandings of the complexity of people’s lives, the ways in which attitudes and actions have of changed over time and the development of society today including its diversity and the relationships between different groups to build their cultural capital. History allows pupils to connect the challenges of the present with those of the past and in doing learn from the mistakes so they can avoid repeating them.

Powerful knowledge of History ensures students are given the opportunity to become more confident, creative, resilient and critical thinkers. Through the critical evaluation of contemporary sources and historian’s interpretations, students are given powerful over their knowledge. Students will have the confidence to undertake self-directed learning and pose their own questions, and to formulate their own opinions.


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