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  • Mr B Cassidy Mr B Cassidy
    Head of Humanities
  • Mr A NooneMr A Noone
    Subject Leader
  • Mr J StephensonMr J Stephenson
  • Ms S ChesterMs S Chester

Welcome to History!

History should be a tool to inspire the curiosity of pupils to discover the secrets of the past. To learn where we have come from and consider how the past influences the present and the future. Moreover, that the lessons learnt from the past can act as a guide for their personal decisions, attitudes and values throughout life. Indeed to determine the way in which History should be used to influence all future decisions within society.

The pupils should learn about the diversity of human experience examining past societies from around the world. To understand the similarities and differences between them and their politics, cultures and beliefs.

The skills inherent in the study of History should enable pupils to take them into their future lives. History requires pupils to research weigh up the evidence and use it to reach independent conclusions. They must be able to provide a judgement based on their own evaluation of the information through reasoning, analysing and evaluating the evidence, and argue their point of view supported by the evidence they have accumulated.

"How do you know who you are unless you know where you’ve come from? How can you tell what’s going to happen, unless you know what’s happened before? History isn’t just about the past. It’s about why we are who we are – and about what’s next." T. Robinson


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